A headshot of Bryce Patingre, wearing black and grey plaid

Howdy! I'm Bryce.

I'm serious about helping filmmakers tell their stories and reach their audience.

I've been watching films all my life, and I'm a big believer in the spiritual power of the cinema. It's because of this that I've pursued a career in visual storytelling.

For over a decade, starting as an Assistant Editor and eventually becoming a Senior Producer, I've traveled the United States accumulating real world experiences in reality television post-production and production.

These days, I collaborate with filmmakers and creators on projects dear to them while pursuing my own projects. And along the way, I'm continually seeking out the new and the old that cinema has to offer - eager to maintain my visual literacy and build upon my own knowledge and appreciation of the medium.

In other words, I watch movies to make movies.

When not working, I'm walking, writing, and sipping coffee while lately seeking out like-minded folks. Feel free to send me a message - maybe we can kick up a conversation about something cinematic.