A headshot of Bryce Patingre, wearing black and grey plaid

Howdy 👋🏻

I'm Bryce Patingre.

I love movies.

Watching them. Making them. Writing about them.

I'm serious about helping filmmakers tell their stories and reach their audience.


I've been a working editor and producer for over a decade.

I collaborate with filmmakers and creators on projects dear to them while pursuing my own writing and directing.

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Bryce holds a camera while filming Chasing Classic Cars


A look at my creative process

I take you behind the scenes to show you what I'm thinking about, what I'm watching, and what I'm working on.

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How a filmmaker survives drowning

The first time I nearly drowned was in a pool. The second was on a film set.

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Three recent reflections while assembling my portfolio

Three days rewatching old videos and assembling case studies suggests a creative path forward.

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