A headshot of Bryce Patingre, wearing black and grey plaid

Howdy 👋🏻

I'm Bryce Patingre.

I love movies.

Watching them. Making them. Writing about them.

I'm serious about helping filmmakers tell their stories and reach their audience.


Collaboration energizes effective visual storytelling

Your audience might be sitting in a packed theater or laying in bed with their phones. Wherever they are, we can reach them with my decade of storytelling experience.

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Bryce holds a camera while filming Chasing Classic Cars


Investing in the creative process

Anyone can learn a piece of software. But not everyone invests the time thinking about storytelling, collaboration, and how various artistic mediums influence one another.

Read about what I'm pondering, what I'm watching, and how it all influences what I'm working on.

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How applying to a new job landed me the right job

An unexpected benefit of searching for a new job

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How a filmmaker survives drowning

The first time I nearly drowned was in a pool. The second was on a film set.

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